Personality Reveals Your Health Secrets : Nature-Wise Your personality reveals about your present and future situations or will give the indication of the diseases. Every person has different habits, hobbies, liking, disliking and the way to lead the relationships. Experts say that a person’s mental status and behavior is health related.

According to the psychiatrists and psychologists of the Nottingham University and Curtin University of Australia, a person’s personality depends on his gene and atmosphere. Let us know how a personality can be related to health problems.

Jovial Nature:

The persons who have the positive approach towards life will be a victim of obesity. A study was made by Doshisha University in Kyoto in Japan on the men and women who were undergoing weight loss programme by some centres.

In the study, it was found that the persons with positive approach were less successful in losing weight. Psychologists Dr. Howard S. Friedman included about 1500 children of 10 years of age and continued the study up to their growing age. On the other hand, a study revealed that the children with jovial nature easily encouraged towards smoking and alcohol. The jovial persons are unsuccessful to lose weight because this is not a matter of worry for them that how they look?


According to the The Descorts University of Paris and Toronto based Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Research reports the needy persons always have the possibility of Stomach Ulcer. The persons dependent on others, emotionally weak becomes habitual of alcohol, they are ignorant and careless about their food habits, most of them have sleep related problems also. Due to this there is excessive release of acid in the stomach which becomes the reason for Ulcer.  In addition to this increase of Stress Hormone Cortisol becomes the reason for headache, pimples and bladder related infections.


According to a study in Glasgow University it has come to light that the men who are sensitive, they have less chances of stress and heart attack problems.  This study was done on the basis scoring male and female oriented practical qualities like the capacity of leading, extreme nature, anger, will to take the danger, sympathy, emotion and sensitivity.


The persons having opposition, and logical natured people are generally more angry. According to the study done on 448 ladies, it comes in light that the angry women have more possibility of breast cancer. Whereas the study on men revealed that the controversial nature people lose their resistance power  with the result possibility of cologne cancer  increases. Experts say that aggressive people on being stressed react immediately mentally or psychologically, due to which their blood pressure and heart beat increases.


According to the study of Milan University that extroverts have less chances of heart attacks as compared to introvert people.  More to that, they have more resistance power and can recover from the infections. These types of people like to roam around and due to this they do not come under stress.  In addition to this these people can comparatively tackle the adverse situations very easily.

Shy Nature:

The North Western University of Chicago u buts report said that shy people have the possibility of heart attack and stroke at least more than 50% more.  The people who remain away from the society activities need more help, due to which they come under stress.  They are easily affected by cold and cough.  At the same time the Researchers of the University of Edinburg revealed that the persons having low IQ Level, they have the problem of worry, forgetting, depression and irritation.  The experts say that they are careless about their health and so they have mental problems also.

Disciplined and Religious:

According to the researchers of University of Edinburg and Unit of Social and Public Health Sciences, Glassgow, the religious minded people lead a healthy life.  They have less chances of Diabetes, Hernia, bone related problems, pain, stroke and weak memory. Though we inherit the genes from our parents and we have the nature, habits according to that.

But if we try sincerely to improve our draw backs, it is very easy and sure to lead a successful life. Rather we should turn our weaknesses into achievements. No matters what qualities and weaknesses you have, try to maintain a level and never be shame of the drawbacks.  Rather we should accept it with courage and try to improve to the extent possible.


Being shy is not an offence, but when you feel that it is becoming a shadow to your personality, try to come out of this circle. Make friends. Try to speak before the mirror. This will increase your will power and fear will go out.


Ok, you get angry very soon. When the anger comes, First and foremost thing is to leave that place immediately and get yourself indulged in any other work.  Drink a glass of water.  Try to count upto ten and you will find that anger has gone away.  Anger is the most dangerous enemy of a man.  It has given the name of fire.  If a thief comes to your house, he will take precious things, but others are left with whom you can restart.  If flood comes, it will take away so many things, but at least your house is there.

Imagine if a house gets fire, what will happen?  Nothing will be left, it will burn everything.  So try to keep your anger at a distance.  The result of the anger is always repentance.  Why to bring that situation. Worry, shadows your personality. You worry for the things that may not happen.  Hurry Worry and Curry is dangerous for the health.  So be away from these three “Y”.  Try to take the present, forgetting the past and future.


Being controversial you may be left alone and your friends and relatives will go away.  Because these days already there are so many problems and no one wants to be indulged in gossips and rumors.  So try to be neutral to the extent possible and avoid controversies.


It is an old saying that a person died, his close friend even did not join his funeral, the general friend went upto graveyard, the friend to whom he always was ignoring joined him to the next world.  Your closest friend you consider is your property, house and other belongings which will not take a single step with you when you die, general friend means your family members, relatives and friends, they will join you upto graveyard and will come back.  The third one which you rarely meet is religion.

Remember your religion will enlighten your next world also.  I say why to think of next world, in this world also religion plays the role of a small lamp which takes and shows you path miles together in severe darkness.


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