Reverend Abode of Perfect Spiritual Guide (Pooran Murshid Ka Darr)

For Fearlessness follow Father’s Faith

If thou are not close by
I feel uneasy
As if some precious thing
of mine is missing
Master Gurdeep Ji lays stress on the fact that one who recites prayers and His name constantly feels of a sacred high status. It is like the comfort we feel near the heat of the bonfire we lit during the cold nights or ecstasy of cold waves during summer.

Except for His love, everything in this world that gives us any feeling of happiness, enjoyment, love or any material benefit causes sadness or grief to us either directly or indirectly. Still we get trapped in these allurements and start chasing them.

Then they cause pain to us. When the hot waves of these pains start affecting our souls, only the continuance in reciting His name provides us the peace and comfort. It appears to us that all other systems have failed. Other means may provide us temporary relief but finally they cause us more pain and sadness.

We definitely calmness of warmth because of continuity of prayers. That peaceful atmosphere not only protects us from the effects of grief but also gives us strength to bear the painful sadness. When the doctors administer us the medicines, they have two effects. Firstly the medicine cures the illness and secondly it cures us from the weakness caused due to the illness. The medicine that cures ailment also has effect of tonic similarly the energy we get by reciting His name keeps us free of the grief and pains that he suffer day in and day out. Moreover it gives us strength, a type of romantic high.

This strength, romantic high gives us the strength to overcome the daily sufferings caused due to the lure of material pleasures and habit of falling prey to ego which has effects like an addiction.

Continuance of recital of His names and prayers awakens us to awareness that keeps the actions away for soul which may cause pain and agony in future away from the soul. Secondly the time that we spend thinking about vain things which may bring us sufferings in future would be spent in reciting prayers giving us experience of strength and a feeling of spiritual elevation. Thus recital of prayers gives us dual benefits.

As our soul gains strength due to recital of prayers, the vain thoughts preoccupying our mind will reduce. This is a natural process. When atmosphere is extreme cold, we do not feel like going away from the warmth of bonfire. The same way we feel a new type of warmth because of prayer. We feel that warmth is providing us a protecting cover.

Who would not like to feel safe ? and when it comes to the protection of our inside -the soul, who would give us such protection? By reciting His name, we get the energy that forms such protective cover. We all know a generator produces electricity but the generator that has broken down will be engulfed by the darkness of the night. When we start the generator we need to apply strength to use the starting handle of the shaft attached to the engine. But once the generator starts up and its wheel gains the required momentum, the switch of the generator engine is turned on then the generator will function on its own generating electricity.

Thereafter it will illuminate the surroundings and protect us from the evading darkness.
Working like an engineer, the Real Master has assembled our body in the form of a generator and it works like a fitter engine. Initially we need to apply enough strength only to spin the starting handle and give initial momentum to the wheel of the engine.

Once the wheel of fitter engine gathers adequate momentum, the Guru Ji switches on the button means initiates the follower into ‘Holy Words’ . Then the devotee starts experiencing benevolence inwardly as will as outwardly. The electricity generated, which is the Spiritual Happiness, then becomes such an addiction that we just cannot give it up.

We crave to have such floss of the Rev. Staguru Ji all the time. This experience awakens us to reality and therefore we become more and more attached to it every passing day.

This is the reason if we forget to recite prayer for a short while, we start craving the way an addict starts craving for his addiction. We start feeling uneasy the way we feel when we misplace something and start searching for it when the continuity of the pious prayers which goes on constantly as if it is an automatic process that gets interrupted.

The experience elaborated by Gurdeep Singh Ji is worth having once by ourselves. In fact, those in love may have had similar experience. I have myself experienced the invisible protective cover that Gurdeep Singh speaks off. In fact, the energy produced by recital of prayers has benefit of the preachings of none other than the Master.

Resultant, a man who had a dominating feeling of fear in him gets rid of his fears because of the strength he gets from recital of the Holy words. Take example of a child having age of five or six years who always fears of his teachers and older children in the school and older and stronger children in surroundings of his house. While going to school, he is scared of the animals like stray dogs on the road. And most of all, he fears his father but he also loves his father the most. One day his father picks him up in arms, adores him and accompanies him to school. Now think how the child would feel.

It is the same colony, same lane, same road where the same older and stronger children are playing and same stray dogs are lurking. On reaching school, he sees the same teachers and same older children whom he feared. But today he has no fear at any of the stages – in colony, or on lane, or on road, or in the school. He has got freed from his fear because his father is accompanying him. His father is the person he fears most. But the father is the same who adores him the most and he too loves his father too much.

Psychology of the child reasons that when the person whom he fear most is with him, why should he be afraid of anyone who is less fearsome than his father. The child finds himself protected in the company of his father. Being a child, his understanding is limited. For him, the father is the strongest and most fearless person in the world.

Therefore he finds himself fearless in the company of the father and the affection he receives from the father makes him fearless. Since he himself the finds most protected one in the entire world in company of his father, he would not be afraid whether the father takes him to dark places, hills, deserted places of forests. Since he already receive affection and love of his father, the child will think then as if the father is with him, he has no reason to be afraid as the father is concerned about him. He would have belief that wherever he might be taken, finally he would remain protected with his father.

Gurdeep Singh emphasizes that as one gets used to recite prayers, the fear in him diminishes. Not only that, the love and affection of the Revered Father (Hujur Sache Patshah Jee) fills up the space in his soul emptied because of the diminishing fear. This means the prayer has dual effect. Firstly the fear is reducing and secondly it is being replaced by fearlessness and courage. A real life example explains this more clearly.

As we all know, Gujarat state was severely ruined due to a devastating earthquake on January 26, 2001. We were serving people with volunteers providing aid to them. When we reached there on the first day, aftershocks were still being felt frequently. As the ground trembled due to quake, the chains of trucks and canters would start chattering and one could feel a knot in his stomach due to fear. But when we all volunteers had a glimpse (darshan) of Revered Shehanshah adorable pit Ji in the evening, we became fearless towards quakes. We felt He himself is with us and therefore there was no need to fear of quakes.

It is true that we were afraid of quakes but more than that we feared of the Revered Guru Murshid Hajur Sache Patshah Ji. Till date I have not dared to stand there with my mortal body and stare at that power in the form of Shabd. On many occasions, I had opportunity to talk to Revered Hajur Pita Ji but the words would fail my tongue. Such is love and affection of the father, Sache Patshah Ji, that I just cannot describe it.

The simple single word that the father utters with all warmth of his love and affection turns all my attachments into benevolence by the time it reaches to the level of throat and does not allow it reach the eyes. That omnipotent power grants all wishes of the disciples who have all love and affection even before they pray for anything.

This is a very personal experience one can have and therefore not much can be written about it. I was recollecting of Gujarat quake when we all thousands of volunteers were scared because an average of two or three tremors were being felt in an hour. No doubt we all were in open ground but the wrath of nature continued to show its hidden form of and on. Later in the evening, as we sat down at a hillock to recite hymns in the presence of Sache Patshah Ji , all the fear vanished from our minds and all we could think was,

”Now let the quake shake the ground”. Of course no tremor was felt at that time. As long as we lived there after that and went on distributing the aid, many tremors were felt but we never felt the fear that we felt on the first day before having pious appearance of the Revered Father.

On many occasions, we would be in villages where houses appeared to be in danger of caving in because of huge cracks developed due to the earthquake. But then we had become fearless because we were under the invisible protective cover of Sache Patshah Jee and we were all aware that all other fears of this world are less compared to the fear of Satguru Jee. And we were also aware that the fear of the Master is nothing other than the benevolent love and affection. The entire world is afraid of the Revered Master and when we are being protected by him why should we be afraid of anything else?

In those days, the Revered Father became merciful and had extended His protective cover to 42 villages which were worst affected due to the earthquake. In each of the houses in these villages, all necessities right from needles and thread to mend torn clothes had been supplied. The Revered Father himself was in that area for a period of nearly 45 days till the life returned to normalcy. Moreover, in villages which had been totally devastated, strong cottages were made of wooden logs for villagers and public places like schools, mosques etc were also rebuilt so that the life returns to normalcy.

In those days, we often visited places where nobody dared to go at any hour of day or night to find out quake affected needy people. On one occasion, we were hungry while returning from a remote village and ate the food we were carrying at a crematorium because it was clean and had a tap from which we could fetch drinking water. It was evening and it appeared that last rites had been performed on someone at the crematorium only a short while back. A pyre was still burning at the distance of hardly a few feet from the place where we six to seven volunteers were having our meal.
A 15 or 16 years old volunteer who was accompanying us

with his father or elder brother or neighbours was considered the most cowardly boy in his village. But such was the effect of the protective cover of the True Guardian on him that he said “Madam, since the Revered Father is present here with us even the dead would be benefited.”

What I am emphasising is that the invisible protective cover and the feeling of Satguru being our companion which we experienced while carrying out relief work for the earthquake affected people in Gujarat in 2001, was something we had been experiencing ever since we started praying and reciting His name regularly. We may not be able to visualise inwardly Sache Patshah either because we have vices or because we lack the ability but we do experience the truth in the utterances of Revered Father that the Real Master is with us all the time. No we have no fear or scare. We feel the condition that if we are on the right path, Revered Father is with us all the time and no fear or scare can affect us.

But if we are on the wrong path, the Satguru makes us realise that and directs us to correct ourselves. This is the condition Gurdeep Singh has explained.

The feeling that the Revered Teacher is omnipresent on one hand frees us of all fears and at the same time it ensures that we do not commit any wrong deed or utter wrong words or think of wrong. But to experience this, we must have unwavering faith in His omnipresence.
We cannot see air but we feel its presence when a breeze touches our perspiring body in hot atmosphere. We do not need eyes in this process. We can feel presence of air whether we keep our eyes open or closed because we do not need eyes to feel cool air.

In the same manner, when we start reciting prayers and His name regularly, we may not be able to see the Revered Master who is omnipresent in the form of Shabd but feel His presence. This is the feeling of the experience of the protective cover of the Real Master because of which all fear vanishes. When we experience the presence of the Master in all forms of nature such as mountains, deserts, seas, ruins or crematoriums which we felt fearful, we would never fear.

In fact fear develops in the mind of a human being because of his spiritual incompetency. As our spiritual capabilities develop and we get awakened, we do not fear of anything except for the Master himself. This is a natural process.

The lion is never more powerful than an elephant. There are many other animals which are stronger than the lion. Then why is the lion considered the king of jungle? It is because a lion is fearless at the heart. This is why lion may die but will not get scared of anything. The lion knows no fear and therefore lion is considered a great animal.

When we get used to reciting prayers and His name and when our faith gets consolidated beyond a required limit, our spiritual powers rise to such an extent that we even physically weak can stare in the eyes of a violent lion crossing our path and the lion will clear our way. This is not vain belief but this is indeed the whole truth and true faith.

The very meaning of increased spiritual power is the feeling of fearlessness, powerfulness and experiencing the constant invisible or visible presence of the Real Master at all places and at all times. So we are back to the belief that when we start feeling presence of the omnipotent Master who is full of love and affection everywhere, even the things we find most scary will become harmless.

Gurdeep Singh too pointed out that as He start reciting His revered name continually and systematically, I start feeling that He is fully protected in the benevolent lap of Hajur Sache Patshah Ji, the Revered Father. On four or five occasions, experience of this condition was so powerful that he turned around to find out where the Revered Father had been.

He says he may not be competent enough to see Hajur Sacheche Patshah Jee bodily this way. But he starts feeling the happiness and invisible energy continuously the same way He feels when He has darshan of Sache Patshah Ji from a close distance in the Ashram.

In the end, the happiness, joy and benevolence that one feels due to invisible presence of the Omnipotent Real Master take over in the human mind to such depth that he feels the entire happiness in the world.

There are revival devotees who visualise Sache Satguru Ji inwardly also and talk face to face with Him the examples of whom have been elaborated in the Book ‘Krishmo ke Vartant’.

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