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Salt Makes Your Food Interesting The salt creates interest in the food. Generally, all types of salts help in cooking the food and the base present in them, pungent and hot, easy to digest, coarse and generates sweat in the body.

Salt has the qualities of fire, cough killer, immolation and digests the food.

Red Salt

This pungent juice contains base and brings sweat in the body.

Black Salt

Black salt causes interest and is digestive. Its use cools down the “pitt and vaat” and purifies the air in stomach. A piece of it kept in the mouth keeps the cough disease at bay. By making a lump of the grinded black salt and used as a baking material, it corrects all types of swellings and pains.

Yawakshar Salt

Eating of yawakshar salt is beneficial in Jaundice, constipation, cough, Pleha, piles and heart diseases etc.

Widd Salt

Widd salt has base. It is dried and enhances the fire in us. It destroys the heart disease and is beneficial to the air in stomach.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is bitter in taste and kills pains.

Saindhav Salt

This salt is also known as ‘saindha’ and  ‘Lahori’ salt. It is cool and creates interest in food. Its intake destroys gas, acid and cough. It is beneficial to the eyes. It enhances the semen.

If the bone of the hand has broken or the speed of the blood in body has stopped, then at that place keeping an equivalent size of the affected area, tie the saindha salt and make a fist, then the concretion of the bone takes place. If the bone of the foot has broken, then in the lukewarm water if the affected area is drowned in water mixed with Saindha salt then it gives relief. It sets right the speed of blood. Saindha salt is the best among all types of salts.

Sauvarchal Salt

This type of salt is scented. The scent creates interest in food and is good for the heart. It is light to digest, creates a feeling of hotness and destroys the constipation, urine and latrine related disease.

Treat the acidity with homemade prescriptions

  • Eat Curd on a regular basis.
  • Drink coconut water on a regular basis.
  • The use of garlic reduces acidity and enhances the digestion process. If one has more acidity then after the intake of food, one should chew the ginger pieces drenched in lemon which will help you ease acidity. The ginger has digestive enzymes which digest the food.
  • After food, take tomatoes with a little of saindha salt. You will be benefitted.
  • Eat seasoning of mint or eat dried mint leaves with curd along with food.
  • If you are feeling uneasiness, then keep your head at a height and lie in bed for some time. The uneasiness will get removed.
  • Boil the powder of cardamom in water and drink the water after food, slowly.
  • Drink water gulp by gulp.
  • Eat food by chewing it properly.

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