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Teach Household Works to Boys Also

It is still considered essential in the society to educate only the girl child for domestic work. As soon as he reaches adolescence, a series of advice starts for her- Hey, if you don’t learn this work here, will you learn it after going to your in-laws’ house? Or daughter, in order to keep the honor of the mother’s house in the in-laws` house, one has to learn housework very well. This type of thing happens on an average in all homes. Not only this, she has to listen to many taunts in her in-laws’ house as well, due to her lack of domestic work experience.

I have a friend. He is married to a girl from a good family. The girl’s parents had kept her away from the kitchen. Anyway, only the servants used to do this work in the house. She had to face many difficulties in her in-laws house. Mother-in-law often taunted.

Many times he repeated these taunts in front of me such as- ‘don’t know from where he got it. Neither knows how to cook nor wash clothes.’ Look at our daughter she does everything as if she has learned from the womb. My friend himself has sometimes told the truth, I am repenting now. Rashmi is not able to do any household work properly. Now who will ask them, do you yourself know any household work.

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Most of the parents try to impart maximum domestic education to the girl child. Even in schools, the syllabus of Home Science is already prescribed for them. Parents who teach other subjects in school try their best to give domestic education at home, but there is hardly any home where a boy is trained in domestic work or a boy is sent to school to take Home Science as a subject.

If seen, the education of domestic work is as important for boys as it is for girls, but by calling it a women’s work, the boys are always kept away, while the boys should also consider its education essential for themselves.

Some time ago when I went to the village, I met a newly appointed teacher. After formal introduction to him when I asked how the people and the area were, he replied that everything else is fine but there is no hotel. I replied – what is the use of a hotel in a village. Then he told that he does not even know how to light the earthen stove. Somehow the children of the school used to cook his food etc. That teacher said that I don`t know, why in childhood parents keep us deprived of such an important education.

Not only those who work away from home, but those people who live with family also have to face more problems. If the detailed survey is done, it will be the result that most of the people face family problems due to not knowing how to do domestic work. As per my own experience 100% people depend on women for domestic work.

Many diseases keep happening in the family. No matter who falls ill, trouble always happens. If the housewife falls ill, then there will be more trouble. People have to depend on hotel for food and washer man for washing clothes. If the husband knows how to do household works, then it is okay, otherwise it becomes even more problematic with children.

One such incident happened in front of me some time ago when I went to one of my relative’s house. His wife was ill and the children were small. When they started going to take food from the hotel, I said – don’t you cook food at home?  At this he said – What should I do, I have never tried to cook. Now Rita is ill. So who will cook food?

What kinds of problems, boys have to face due to the lack of the knowledge of domestic work, is not hidden from anyone. Mostly one has to go outside the house for the job. Only they know how much they feel sorry for not being able to do household chores.

Such incidents happen to almost everyone but no one thinks that it is mandatory to teach homework to boys too. Even those who themselves have suffered the consequences of the ignorance of it they also don’t teach it to the boys by calling it women’s work. Whereas the girl is completely self-sufficient in doing all the work of the house, even sewing her own clothes, etc., the boy is dependent on his sister, mother or sister-in-law etc. to fix even a broken button of shirt or pant.

On one hand, girls in job do every work with their own hands, whereas boys depend on others for every work. Hardly there will be any girl who likes regular food in the hotel, but men can often be seen regularly having food at the hotel or getting the clothes washed by washer men. He doesn’t do this out of happiness but because he doesn’t know how to do the household works. In order to save the coming generation from such domestic problems, parents should teach the girl as well as the boy to do house work properly, because the boy often gets into trouble due to the ignorance of this work.


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