15th Anniversary of ‘Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka’

So That Everyone Becomes Human- 15th Anniversary of ‘Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka’

 Spiritual Nectar  is a spiritual tonic full of human qualities. So that every one becomes human. To say,we are all human beings, we are human by name but the humanitarian feeling is rarely seen.

What is humanity? Who is humanity called? Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has defined humanity thus:

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“Seeing someone suffering in pain, sorrow, help him as much as possible; try to remove his sorrow, pain, help the suffering person through body, mind & wealth i.e. one`s available resources.This is called true humanity.”

“And on the contrary,seeing someone suffering in pain & sorrow, laughing, ridiculing him,  & harassing a poor & helpless person, using someone`s helplessness for one`s own selfishness is called devilishness. Now you can look into yourself & decide thereafter where do we stand. Are we really human? Do we really have humanitarianism?

 Whenever We talk about human beings & humanity, people often get furious that if we are not human then what else are we?” So they themselves should think that if they don`t possess the qualities of humanity as explained by the Revered Guru Ji, then they should consider themselves not humans but include themselves in the category of demons as mentioned in our holy religions. Don`t feel bad about it.

Rather imbibe the humanitarian qualities & increase your respect in the society. According to the Revered Guru Ji, walk on the path of righteousness, goodness & spirituality sincerely; behave everyone with a noble intention; be a Karmyogi ( Hard worker ) and a Gyangogi ( Wise ) in true sense i.e. in a practical form that a  person who follows the path of humanity; He is full of humanitarian qualities; only he is a true human being.

Beginning of Jaam-E-Insan:

Roohaanee jaam For good of society, universe & humanity at large; May people remain happy; Human qualities should be inculcated in people; People should treat each other truthfully without any discrimination; People should love each other selflessly; May the whole living creatures prosper, for this sole purpose, Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim singh Ji Insan started Jaam-E=Insan Guru Ka.

Only a perfect spiritual saint, fakir can think about & work for the welfare of the whole society because a guru, saint, fakir is the incarnation of Allah, Waheguru, Ram or God. God Himself sends Him in this world for the sole purpose of connecting people with people, religion & finally with Ram, God or the Supreme Master. In other words, a saint, peer, fakir is the messenger of God and after taking incarnation in this world , he represents the whole human beings thereby motivating others to walk on the path of truth & goodness and only a perfect Spiritual Master is capable of extending such a benevolence on humanity.

Keeping this objective in mind, the Revered Guru Ji started the Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka ( Nectar of Humanitarianism) on this day ( 29th April ) 15 years ago  i.e. 29 April 2007. Reflecting the importance of this day, the Revered Guru Ji has named it Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka and this day is world famous with this holy name. This ritual of Insan which the Revered Guru Ji started, is unique in itself.

Because whenever a stream makes its way, its identity also becomes inevitable. Insan is a new ideology of today`s era which has been created as a ‘Sentinel of Humanity.’ Therefore, it was necessary to name it & it was blessed with the holy name of Insan. Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Himself manifested this stream by decorating  Insan with His holy name.

The confluence from which this stream originated was called Spiritual Nectar or Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka.

Importance of This Day ( common Festival):

This day of 29th April, which hows the world such a common path of humanity, is a witness to two significant  scenes together because  74 years ago, on this day i.e. 29th April 1948 Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj laid the foundation of Dera Sacha Sauda. Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj built Dera Sacha Sauda in a deserted place at the distance of 02 kilometer from the Sirsa city thereby working a paradise in wilderness. While 29th April  1948 is the day of existence  of Dera Sacha Sauda. 15 years ago on 29th April 2007 is the day of the existence of Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka.

On 29th April 2007 Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan ignited the torch of humanity in the society by  starting  Spiritual Nectar, the name of this holy ritual reverberated all over the world. Therefore, this day of 29th April is celebrated in Dera sacha Sauda with great fanfare like Spiritual Foundation Day & Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka as a common festival of grand celebration. This celebration is worth watching.  Major festivals of all the religions are celebrated together on this day. The  scene exhibiting the confluence of all religions attracts every heart. On this day, millions of devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda across  the globe reach this spiritual abode with full enthusiasm to attain the divine bliss, blessings & the divine ecstasy of the Supreme Master bestowed by the Revered Spiritual Master. The joys, colours, waves & the blessings of this grand celebration fascinates the soul.

 The soul rejoices in the intoxication of these holy sights. Come and get drenched  in this moment of spiritual ecstasy. Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan started the Spiritual Nectar on this day ( 29th April 2007) and extended His holy support to the almost dead humanitarianism thereby raising the honour of the human race by reviving it.

The importance of the day, colourfulness and  hustle& bustle  fascinates everybody. Millions of people of almost all the religions of the world across the globe attend this holy congregation and attain the blessings of their Beloved Spiritual Master. Thus, according to the holy inspiration of  Revered Present Spiritual Master Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan nobody desires to come out of  the showers of love, sympathy & spirituality being bestowed at Dera Sacha Sauda. Let us all join together to eradicate the discrimination of caste, religion, high & low and get engrossed in this holy grand celebration. Really everyone sways in the divine ecstasy and spiritual colours and say Blessed is my Perfect Spiritual Master!

Blessed is my Perfect Spiritual Guide!

 Pledge For Humanitarianism:

A person who partakes the Spiritual Nectar to become  an Insan takes an oath that he will never back down for the protection of humanity. The Revered Guru Ji makes him take a vow before offering the Spiritual Nectar that he will never let the feeling of humanitarianism die inside him and  the 47 rules made for the sole purpose of human welfare, will be firmly followed. Crores of people are tied in the thread of protection of humanity by taking such an oath under the able aegis of the Revered Saint Dr MSG

47Rules of the Spiritual Nectar:

 Note: This is not a religious conversion but an affirmation to be true to one’s own religion while recognizing the unity of all religions and the universal religion of Humanity)

  1. Use ‘Insan’after your surname (Sharma, Verma, Arora, Sandhu etc.) or preferably use only ‘Insan’ as your surname.
  2. Do not consume alcohol.
  3. Don`t consume non-vegetarian food.
  4. Treat other men and women depending on their ages: if they are older, treat them as your father or mother, if they are of your own age, treat them as your brother or sister, and if they are younger than you, treat them as your son or daughter.
  5. Spend one day/six hours out of a week or 4-5 days in a month in selfless service to humanity
  6. After waking up in the morning, touch the feet of your elders &greet with the holy slogan ( Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra) and give blessings to children &convey the holy slogan.
  7. Inspire people to give up their bad habits and help them to initiate into the God`s words(Naam/Gurumantra) from the Revered Guru Ji, as these are holy sermons of the Revered Guru ji that the act of putting others on the path to God results in as much spiritual merit as is gained by serving hundreds of cows.
  8. Strictly avoid earning your livelihood through dishonesty, theft, robbery, bribery or corruption. Earn your living through hard work and rightful means.
  9. Start your day with meditation and a prayer to God that you be able to do good deeds, that you do good for all, and that you be able to realize God.
  10. Before eating anything, do meditation and pray to God to give you spiritual health and freshness.
  11. Donate fifteenth part of your earnings towards selfless service and the welfare of mankind by your own hands or donate to ‘Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing’ so that the poor and the needy can be helped.
  12. If you wish to practice charity, donate blood, impart education, pledge to donate your eyes or your whole body after death, and spend money for the welfare of mankind.
  13. Be honest and fair in your behaviour (dealings).
  14. Do not discriminate among people on the basis of money & caste.
  15. Avoid all kinds of intoxicants and include physical exercise in your daily routine. Do all your work yourself as much as possible.
  16. Do not lend money at high interest rates and do not exploit the poor and the helpless.
  17. Do not use abusive language and always speak politely and courteously.
  18. It is necessary that you remain truthful in thoughts, words and deeds.
  19. Give up backbiting, jealousy, leg pulling and inspire people towards the worship of God.
  20. Adopt humility, modesty and simplicity.
  21. Abandon social evils like dowry system, child marriage, foeticide, child labour, etc. and build a healthy society. Remember that the wealth given to the bride by her guardians on their own will is not dowry but the girl’s right.
  22. Consider girls and boys equal and give them equal rights.
  23. Help as much as you can to the one who is stuck in trouble or accident.
  24. Do not give alms to healthy beggars and inspire them to earn their living through hard work.
  25. Provide food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, help for the helpless, education for the illiterate, and if possible employment for the unemployed.
  26. Do not hurt others’ religious sentiments.
  27. Do not listen ill-spoken words against your Adorable Guru ( The Spiritual Master). Do not involve yourself in arguments. Do not do backbiting of others.
  28. Avoiding bad company, always stay in the company of those who talk of God and goodness.
  29. Walk on the path of truth with honor, faith and determination.
  30. Neither do injustice to others and nor bear injustice.
  31. The welfare of others is your religion and humanity is your caste.
  32. Create a daily routine of meditation and meditate at least for half an hour each in the morning and in the evening.
  33. If possible meditate in the morning for half an hour or an hour between 02:00 AM to 05:00 AM. Then have your breakfast, earn your living through hard work, spend time with your family, meditate for half an hour or an hour before you sleep and go to sleep on time.
  34. Always wear the locket of Insan so that you remember that we are all one and God is also one.
  35. Be ready to sacrifice your life to protect the honour of your motherland and your Guru.
  36. Practice nonviolence. Neither kill nor torment other living beings.
  37. A pregnant woman should read, watch and listen to the scriptures, hymns and spiritual discourses of her religion and legends of brave warriors. This will have a very positive effect on the life of the yet-to-be-born child.
  38. Listen or watch the cassettes or CDs of Satsang ( The Spiritual Congregations ) or Bhajans ( Hymns ) while having your food.
  39. Avoid obscenity and vulgarity on TV, movies, magazines, etc.
  40. Plant trees & saplings and also take care of them so that your environment keeps clean.
  41. Arrange remarriage of the women who become widows at a young age. If you are unable to help them to remarry, inform the concerned department at Room No. 50, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa.
  42. Stay away from superstitions such as ghosts and spirits, black magic, expenditure on post-death rituals and fake saints.
  43. Be aware and make others aware of social evils & ills prevalent in the society..
  44. As this changing world demands, the old in the family should hand over the responsibility of the family to the next generation and spend time in devotion to God.
  45. Do not become egoistic for what you have got and work, honestly & do meditation to get what you desire. Do not take tension.
  46. Whenever you get angry- say the Naara ( the holy slogan- Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra ), drink some cold water, and meditate for five minutes. Stay away from anger as much as possible.
  47. Love all of God’s creations in a selfless manner.

On the auspicious occasion of 29th of April, millions of felicitations on

74th Spiritual Foundation Day! 15th Anniversary of Jaam-E-Insan Guru Ka!


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