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Imagination is the most resourceful ability of mind which functions with the provision of innovative ideas, images or concepts even beyond senses. It is the most important, virtuous and creative power of mind.

Imagination helps to gather knowledge,

resolve problems and is fundamental to integrate the learning process for gaining experience. It definitely encircles the world being more important than reality and knowledge. The quality of Imagination also pertains to Artistry, Awareness, Fantasy, Inventiveness, Resourcefulness, Perceptibility, Visualization, Ingenuity, Thoughts and Vision.

Resourcefulness is the use of imagination and helps to promote people from simple actions. It acts as eminent quality of mind especially idealized creation and fanciful assumption. Imagination can make you writer of yourself and reader of your mind. The more you know of your self, the less you need approval of others. The word ‘Imagination’ is derived from a French word (also related to Latin) as ‘Imaginatio’ which means ‘picture to oneself’.

Situations for Better Imaginations

  • Do not feel disappointed and distressed during situations of failures, rather try to restart the work with full devotion and confidence.
  • Develop contacts with the persons who have achieved the advanced state of projects so as to seek guidelines and motivation.
  • Study useful books and literature to gain the necessary knowledge about particular subjects.
  • Creative imagination tends to require new questions and positive thoughts on new angles.
  • Concentrate on schemes and procedures of the tasks to achieve the required goal or destination through latest skill, time management and introspection of improvements at regular intervals.
  • Imagination increases after your mind has been exposed to problems and it is at play.

Various Kinds and Aspects of Imagination

The speed of imagination is very strong and even faster than light. If a person is watching stars of sky or heaven, the other moments can consider the pictures of underworld or subterranean.

  1. Emotional Imagination: concerned with strong feelings of love, anger, fear, problems, respect, creativity etc.
  2. Strategic Imagination: Helping to achieve plans giving advantages through mental scenarios.
  3. Intellectual and Constructive Imagination: Such issues help to develop philosophy though hypothesis and theories.
  4. Incarnated Dreams: It involves series of strange events which occur in our mind during certain stages of sleeps. These include ideas, emotions and sensations.
  5. Reconstruction of Memories: Living thoughts of certain people, objects and events.
  6. Productive Imagination: It helps to produce and change sensory contents to bring meaningful concepts. Every human mind enjoys the noble experience.
  7. Reproductive Imagination: It is mainly concerned with recollection. This natural ability of mind works with already existing senses (but in certain limits).
  8. Day Dreaming: it involves autistic thinking in which persons find it difficult for communication and relationship with other people. Excessive day dreams become critical and harmful.
  9. Misused Imaginations: Night fears, confusion of images with percept, telling lies, reject cooperation and away from reality.

Strength of Imagination

  • Imagination promotes the power of forming images of certain principles not present in the senses.
  • It provides creative ability to resolve and confront many problems.
  • Imagination helps in bringing ideal creative consistence with reality as in literature.
  • Knowledge is limited but imagination is stronger to encircle the whole world that gets you everywhere. It stimulates mental strength by giving birth to prominent evolution of thoughts.
  • Dreaming is in sub-conscious state of mind, whereas, imagination requires sharp conscious state of mind.
  • It is essential for learning process in children. They achieve the ability to develop better communication skill and improve their vocal glory. The parents can allow free time to help the kids to activate their senses, cultivate creative critical thinking and pursue their passions.
  • Imagination acts as an ability to promote mental image, pictures and new ideas beyond the perception through five senses or objects which are neither present today nor have happened in the past.
  • Promote concepts of innovation which bring better solutions to new requirements in the existing needs of society. It is accomplished through more effective products, processes, technologies, services and business models required by the government and general masses.
  • Memory, consciousness and imaginations are dependent upon each other.
  • Lack of understanding the power of imagination may be responsible for sufferings, failures, difficulties, incompetence and unhappiness.
  • Imagination helps to adopt innovative concepts when persons try new aspects which help in achieving better results. Thus the researches in different fields have introduced notions of gaining success. For examples, use of computers, internet facilities, types of vehicles, methods for treatment of diseases, defense and attacking devices.
  • Importance of planning that involves the learning of innovative techniques through repeated practice. The new concepts tend to improve upon old traditional stages.
  • Increase noble qualities, confidence and will power.
  • Strengthen spirit to win over mind. It develops faith in spiritual guide and Divine Power.

Advantages of Meditation to Improve Imagination

Meditation helps to motivate our mind especially when it is long buried under situations anxiety, tress and depression.

  1. The time, talents and energy are natural and Divine gifts to mankind.
  2. Meditation helps to achieve our goal when we move steadily with patience, commitment, peace, strong will and perseverance.
  3. The inside means the delight outside and everywhere. Let everything promote our ideas to achieve the noble mainstream of present (which merges with future on the advancement of time), carry on forward movements without reluctance towards a glorious future. Both courage and bravery are required upon rough storms of life for achieving the excellence in the selected fields of activities and overcoming the low state of mind during the state of distress.
  4. Our mind is the architect of every thought and action. We should exert our full command on our mind to perform willful and prominent activities.
  5. Pursue imagination to develop and increase with time. It will definitely lead to incredible happiness, blooming personal progress and fulfillment of our life.
  6. The process of innovation requires the consideration of gaining knowledge and skill to develop positive attitude for implementation of new ideas through meditation.
  7. God always helps us to perform miracles because He is the sole creator and caretaker of mankind. He blesses us with mind to create everything desired(through eternal power of Imagination)

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Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan, Retd.—H. E. S. GOVT. NATIONAL COLLEGE, SIRSA (Haryana, INDIA)


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