Benevolent Benefactor Incarnated on January 25

Holy Incarnation Day Celebration January 25, 2016 (Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa)

long live the most blessed and well seated spiritual followers of God! All those devotees who have reached here from faraway places are most welcome to the Incarnation Day Celebration and spiritual discourse.

Most welcome is the right gesture for these people. This day- January 25 holds special significance for us. It was on this day that the Spiritual Guide Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj had come to this earth who changed the fate of lakhs of people in the past and is still changing the fate of crores of people. He will continue to bless us all.

The more you thank Him, the less it is.Devotees have begun the celebrations. They are singing, dancing and making merry. Jams are taking place here because of the large number of devotees.

And still this has not deterred people from thronging to this place. Congratulations to you all on this holy month of the incarnation of the Spiritual Master, Shah Satnam Ji ! May this holy month of incarnation bring more happiness and blessings to your house! May all the darkness around you disappear forever so that you lead a blissful life! I pray to God that you all remain blessed forever.

Blessings to all of you! Congratulations once again! That day of January 25 when in Jalanana Sahib, a nondescript village of Haryana a Divine Light come to this earth. His parents had everything according to the expectations of life.

Jaildar Variam Singh had no shortage of anything in life. They had wealth and properties in plenty. But there is something in this world, which if you don’t have, reduces your happiness. And Variam Singh did not have a child. He was issueless One day a saint came to their house. Mata Ji used to respect and welcome the saints. Mata Ji was a great devotee.

She used to spend her time in the worship of the God. Mata Ji welcomed the saint and sought his blessings. She served him well and she continued serving food to him and he kept coming to her. Whatever he needed, milk or food she supplied. One day that same saint smiled at her and said, ‘Mata Ji! Do you have any problem?’.

The saint told, ‘Mata Ji A Divine Light is to come to her house and she should have no worries at all. This Divine Light will stay with you, but He will also go away to complete the task for which He has come’. That saint asked her if she was ready for this.

Mata Ji said, She was agreed to what the saint had just told her. ….Then the Revered Param pita Ji took birth on January 25 at village Jivan singh wala in Punjab. When Mata Ji brought the Divine Child to Jalalana Sahib, people started visiting her place for the glimpse of the Blessed Infant.

The saint who had predicted the birth of the Divine Child also came there to see the Child. The Saint announced in front of everybody that a Divine Power had taken birth as a child in the house. He should be brought up very carefully. He told the parents that He should never be rebuked. Instead He should be taken care of very carefully. Everybody must be in the service of the Divine Child. Be with the Child all the time.

Then, the saint went away from the place. One day the Revered Param Pita Ji was hanging in the swing. He was a small lovely child. A person-jhinvar ( who fetches water for people from far away places) came to the house. During those times there was acute shortage of water in Jalalana Sahib. That jhinvar started staring at Revered Shah Satnam Ji.
He could just not take his eyes off from the Child. When Mata Ji saw this, she came running and lifted the Child in her arms.

She hid the Child in a side from the eyes of the jhinvar and asked him why was he staring at the Child like that. Have you ever seen a child? The `jhinvar’ smiled and said. Mother will always be a mother. Mother, I am seeing the reflection of a divine power in this Child who has incarnated as a human being.
I did not have any bad intention at all.

I just wanted to have a glimpse of this gifted Child. But a mother’s heart will always be the same which seeks protection for the child. Saying this, the jhinvar went away. Beparwah Ji started growing up with such spiritual glimpses.
As He grew up a little and started getting education, He would give away His books to the children studying with Him whenever needed. Whenever necessary He would drop His class mates homes on his own cycle.

He would specially help the sick child… One day when He was still a child, Param Pita Ji was having food while sitting near His mother in His house when a poor family came there. Param Pita Ji was around 4-5 years-old then. The poor family cried and said that they had not been paid their wages by the people who had hired them for work.

We have to marry our daughter. There are just two days left. The man cried incessantly while relating his tale of woes. Mata Ji asked, what the poor man wanted from them. He asked for Rs 100 and said, it will be a kind of loan and he will return it as soon as possible. But before the mother could say something, the Divine Child said O mother give him Rs 200 instead of Rs 100. I will eat one ‘roti’ less everyday and you think that you have married My sister by spending that money.

Never take back money from this man when you give it to him now. Just imagine, can any child ever have such a line of thought? Can a child have such an imagination. Can anybody have such a discussion and a feeling for the people at such a tender age.

It is really very difficult to think and say such words. Therefore, Shah Satnam Ji, the benevolent benefactor taught the lesson of humanity and divinity and He started telling this to everyday. This happened when He had grown up a little, but He was still very young then. Very close to their village was a field of their family where the stray animals used to trespass for grazing. There were cows, bulls and buffalos who all used to destroy the crops while grazing. Mata Ji asked Him to keep a watch on the animals that they did not eat the crops. Some days passed by. Mata Ji asked the servant whether He was doing His duty properly of keeping a watch on the animals or not.

The servant smiled and said, when the animals come to graze, Harbans singh Ji (childhood name of Revered Param Pita Ji) tells them, ‘Eat as much as possible, it is all yours’. When Mata Ji heard this, she called Him and said, He was being sent to keep a watch on the animals so that they did not eat the crops in their field, but on the contrary He was allowing them to graze. This is wrong. Beparwah Ji said He will do accordingly. When the next day Beparwah Ji reached there, the bull was very strong and powerful.

The villagers were afraid of him. Beparwah Ji went near the big bull, put His hand on him and said, dear devotee! A complaint has been made to the Mata Ji. From now onwards don’t just eat at one place. Instead have a bite at different places according to your hunger. Elderly people say from that day onwards the big bull never ate at one place alone. He would eat some grain in one field, then in another and so on and so forth.

That way no one felt offended. Therefore it shows how even an animal had a realization of the greatness of the Spiritual Master from His childhood. Still it is strange that when even animals realise what is right and what is wrong and what intention does anyone has, a many human beings do not understand, and go on doing and indulging in wrong actions.. So how can anybody forget this incident who was witness to it? Actually Revered Param Pita Ji came to this earth like a saint and told the human beings about the importance of God’s word. He joined the people to God. Today more than 6 crore people recite God’s word and pray to Om, Hari, Allah.

They have got all the happiness of the world which others cherish and desire. Every human being wants internal peace and happiness. He wants good health, happiness in the family. It is often seen that just by wishing something does not lead to its fulfillment. The wish is fulfilled when God so desires. It is written in our Vedas `Himmat kare Insan to sahayaata kare Bhagvan’, meaning when the man takes a decision to achieve something, God also helps him fulfill his mission. If you pray to God and recite His name and wish that He gives you happiness and wealth and other things, then you will also have to work hard for that work besides the devotion to God.

You can be `karmayogi; and a `gyanyogi’ and God’s blessings will shower on you. If you are lying down and feeling sleepy, then also you must remember God.
This will refresh your mind and even if you happen to fall asleep, you will be remembering God. This way no bad thought will cross your mind.

But if you want God to give you promotion then it is necessary to work hard. If you are sleeping and ask for God’s blessings, He will feel compelled to give you some more snores and you will pass the time by sleeping, but if you are a farmer or a landlord, work hard in the field, sowing plant or some grain, watering it, taking care of it then you will get a good crop. You will progress more by doing hard work.

If you are a shopkeeper, keep good quality products, open the shop early in the morning, deal properly with people, work hard and put more effort to improve business, you will surely progress. Similarly if you are a student, study carefully with full concentration and recite the name of God. If you get 70-80 per cent on your own God will bless you to get merit as well. It is possible that God will help you. But it is also necessary to become a `Karmayogi’ and `gyanyogi’. Till the human being becomes a karmayogi and gyanyogi he will not be able to achieve success. Everyone should do hard hard work.

I will like to give you examples. Every religious holy text of this world has written this. In our Hindu religion, Shri Ram JI and Shri Krishna JI were not just incarnation of God, but they were God, as well as kings. When they studied in the Gurkuls, they indulged in many activities including taking animals out for grazing in the fields, take part in agriculture work, pick up woods from the jungles, cook food, sleep only after the Guru and the Guru Maa had gone to sleep and get up before they awoke.

Therefore, they could give us wisdom and knowledge which if the entire world had followed, it would have reached a much higher intellectual level than it has today. These lines reverberate in the whole world today-`karmayogi bano aur gyanyogi bano’-(become a karmayogi and a gyanyogi).

Don’t cheat people; don’t misguide them; don’t indulge in corruption. If you indulge in wrongful activities, you may earn a lot of wealth, but will lose peace and happiness. You will lose all love and respect. Even I have tested this.

I was born in a house where people did hard work and labour and did all the activities in a just and rightful manner. If you work hard to earn money, it will always suit you. Any money earned through corrupt means will not do any good to you. In the end, you will repent for your wrongful deeds and wish you had tread a right path.

I saw that in My house when people earned money through the hard and laborious manner even if somebody tried to cheat Us, We were the winners in the end and Our money will come back in a larger amount. So, always follow what is written in the holy books-do hard labour. Those who work hard to earn money always remain happy and at peace, while others who indulge in cheating and corrupt means repent in the end.

This is cent percent true. The sayings of saint, peer, fakirs never go wrong. Those who do not follow them are at fault themselves because their thinking may be wrong.

The religions are never wrong. In every religious text that I read, it was written that do worship God, recite His name. Recite the name of God, Allah, Ram, Khuda, Bhagwan, Waheguru and do hard work. Use the money of this hard work to eat food, buy other things. If the human beings don’t follow this simple rule, they are wrong, but the religion can never be wrong. This means that what I read in the religious texts was not wrong at all. When I opened My eyes there was holy Bhagvad Gita at home. Guru Nanak Ji’s Sakhi came later. Then I used to read that as well. Then I came to Guru Ji (Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj) and He advised Me to`read all religious texts’.

I was a student of non-medical so I read from that viewpoint. Don’t feel bad. I say something which is 100 per cent true. What I read in the oldest religious text-the holy Vedas, was found written in most other religions as well. The matter was the same. Whatever was written in the holy Vedas was there in all other religions as well. The language and style may be different but the matter is the same.

It is not known why people feel jealous. It is also difficult to understand why people hate. Don’t know why people do not understand religion. Our religions are `Super Science’ Our religions have answers to all the questions. On the contrary, science does not have an answer whether egg came first or the hen. If the hen came first, how did it come before the egg and if the egg came first how did it exist before the hen? We are all confounded and confused. But all the religions are very clear on this aspect.

In all our religious texts and in the holy Vedas, We read `pahle bane prarabdh aur pache bane sharir’means our destiny or fate is determined before our birth. God first wrote the deeds for each soul and then gave it a body. This means the body came first and then the birth and death cycle began. It is written in our religious texts, that the minute microbial creatures are insects and science accepted in the year 1850 that they are bacteria. In 1852, it was accepted that they were virus.

It has been written in religious texts that there are lakhs of moons, suns, planets. Scientists began to say, Guru Ji, Your religion is not true at all. But in 2000 and 2005 it was accepted that in a small section of the universe there are 5-7 suns. In the entire universe there must be hundreds of suns. Whatever the religious texts long time ago said have come to be true now. Dear Devotees! Religion is great science. But you don’t look at it from that point of view. Like the parents you also dress yourself.

Surname also is that of the parents, but what is written in the religion you don’t really know. Therefore, it is important to know the religion. Religion is the source of happiness, peace and prosperity and it provides us mental strength and will power. The human beings get the will power which helps them to move further in life and achieve new heights of success. You cannot purchase this will power from outside in the market.

Every human being has the will power tonic inside him. Will power tonic is found in every human being’s mind. But to increase that will power, you have to take help of the ‘Gurumantra’, ‘Naam’, ‘Kalma’, ‘Method of Meditation’.

It is like the way you have your daily routine from going to toilet to brushing your teeth to taking bath and then the breakfast. Finally you get ready and go for work. You have time for doing all other activities. But you have no time for recitation of God’s word. You fix a time that just like your other daily routine activities, you will have a particular time for remembering God. ‘Namaskar’, ‘Sazda’, ‘Pranam’ must be extended to the holy scriptures of our great persons. They have written these texts for our benefit.

Therefore, it is good to bow our head in front of the religious texts. But don’t feel bad, if for example ghee, milk etc. is kept in front of your head and you keep bowing your head in front of them, of what this is? Will you get the required energy and strength for your body? No, it will not come. If you continue to bow your head in front of the milk and the ghee, will you get the strength? God’s word is just like that. By folding your hands, greetings to God is accepted at the God’s court, but , till you devote your time to devotion, you will not be the beneficiary of the God’s great grace and benevolence.

By just bowing the head you will not gain anything at all. By repeating God’s word you will not just get `something’, but will get everything. These include all those things mentioned in the holy religious texts which were written by the great men for our benefit. Human beings should practically follow the `Method of Meditation’ otherwise egoistic feelings dominate us. You read four religious texts, and learnt something in life.

If you think too highly of yourself, your head will not bow down in humility. It will keep straightened stiffly. You will always think about yourself. Self promotion will always be in the mind. Just think how God created this universe. No plant is similar to the other. No tree in this world is similar to another tree. No flower is of the same colour and fragrance like the other. They are all so different. But each has its importance.

However, even after creating this amazing world, God does not feel proud of Himself. He never claims He has created this or that. But the human beings are so different. If he learns something new, he starts making claims. Many times the egoistic human being even negates the existence of God. Many people say if there is God why He is not visible. Many people ask Me that if there is any existence of God then He must be visible also.

Please show us God. I said, I will definitely show you God. First tell me what kind of degree have you acquired? They said. MA, PhD. I asked them, how many years did they take to acquire this degree? They said, it took them 20-25 years of hard study to reach that level and acquire that degree.

I said for these degrees you spent as many as 25 years, but did not spend even two months for Bhagwan, God Allah, Waheguru, Ram. And then sitting here you say there is no God at all. If this is not foolishness, what else is this? Don’t you need time to know about God? For degrees you spend some 20-25 years. Spend at least 20-25 months for God. Only then you take out the result whether God exists or not.

Even 20-25 months are too long. Recite God’s for two months daily in the morning and evening. I guarantee you that He will shower His blessings on you. It is said that when the child cries, mother gives him milk. Just think about it.

If you leave everything in search of God and just like the mother craves for her child, how can it be possible that you crave for God and He will not listen to you? How can it be that He will not listen to your cries and not take care of you when you are in distress. But the problem is that you don’t crave at all for Him. You always crave for your family, the wealth and worldly material, your children, near and dear ones.

There are very few who actually crave for God. Those who do, God listens to them and they are blessed with happiness. Still there are some people who crave for God. The wishes of those who long for God selflessly, are fulfilled by God.
They are filled with eternal joy and happiness. What kind of craving is there? What is true devotion? I would like to give an example to you. God willing this should not happen to anyone. But just for example, say the father is hundreds of kilometers away from the child. Suppose an accident takes place and he does not know what happened to the child. The father gets disturbed when he does not get any news of the child even on phone.

He feels helpless when there is no news of the child. He feels extremely hurt and starts crying. This is what devotion is. This is the yearning of the father for his child. You felt 100 per cent yearning for your child and you start crying because you feel the agony so much. In the same manner if you yearn for the God, Allah, Ram, Waheguru even 15 per cent then it is just not possible that He will neglect you and not reach you. He will definitely reach you. But you will have to wait for Him. If you do farming you have to wait for six months for the next crop. If you are a businessman, you may have to wait for years.

First you have to study, then you get degrees. First you have to labour hard and then you get the desired results. In the same way, you have to show devotion before you can reach God. God is not a toy which can be given to you in your hand whenever you so desire. He is the `Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru and is the lord of both the worlds. You can achieve God 100 per cent. He can be seen. But you will have to do worship.
Remembering God, devotion is necessary for everybody. Spare some time from your busy schedule for the devotion to God. This was the teaching that Revered Shah Satnam Ji taught everyone. If you have faith in your religion. Fine. Do whatever your religious textbooks say. Not a word of what the saints wrote was wrong.

They wrote the truth and it will remain the truth for all time to come. But what can the saints do if you do not follow the holy texts. Follow the teachings of the Spiritual Guide without following you will not get the desired results. Nothing can be achieved just by talking. You can just talk about the good qualities of the sweet pudding. You can say it tastes very sweet. A lot of sugar is mixed in preparation of it. If you put pure ghee, the taste will be wonderful. But did you get any taste while talking about the ‘halwa’? Did your stomach feel filled after eating it? You don’t feel satiated because you did not prepare the sweet pudding. Therefore, have full devotion and faith in God. Because that is the only way to salvation. Be practical.
Put flour in the pot, mix ghee, put it on fire, cook ‘halwa’.

If you eat that it will be very tasty. You will also get strength. In the same manner just talking about some product is meaningless. It is like the same ‘halwa’ which was never cooked, but people were imagining its taste. You can talk as much and praise God as much as you want. You can say that God is great and will help you. But this is an useless exercise which does not serve any purpose. If you want to reach out to God, if you want to go near Him, then you have to worship Him with full faith.

Just talking about Him will not do. God does not come near by pretension. But He moves closer to people who remember Him truly with devotion. God is with the devotees who lead a pure and simple life. Therefore, do not indulge in cheating or any kind of wrong deeds. Do not do anything wrong. Do not indulge in adultery.

Do not indulge in any kind of corruption. Never snatch food from others. Never hurt anybody. This is what was taught to us by Shah Satnam Ji , the Benevolent Benefactor. His Holiness was born at the house of adorable father Variam Singh Ji, Mata Aas Kaur Ji, resident of Shri Jalalana Sahib district Sirsa . He taught the true lessons of spirituality and humanity. He said that every religion, every sect teaches us the path to reach God. The path may be separate in different religions, but you go where you want to go.

Separate means different languages. Like the Guru Ji said, you make a research of every religion. So I read text of every religion. Really, language is different in all religions, but all of them lead to the same path towards God. Revered Benefactor taught us that all of us are one and the same. This is written in every religion.

In the holy Hindu scriptures it is written clearly that Brahma Ji’s son and daughter were ‘Sbhayamanu’ and ‘Satrupa’, means ‘Manushyata’ and we all are progenies of them. Therefore, humanity is our caste. In the Sikhism, it is written’ Manas ki jaat sabhe eko pahchanbo’. In Christianity, it is written in the holy scriptures, God is one, humanity is our caste’. In Islam, it is written-`We are all sons and daughters of Adam and Hauwa and humanity is our caste. What I want to say is that languages and religions may be different, but they all say the same thing that our father, our God is one and the same and we are all sons and daughters of God.

It is written in the holy Vedas, ask for good earth, good water, good air, good children, good health and if you want to ask God, then ask for God from God. It is written in the Sikh scriptures- ‘Jo mange Thakur apne se soi-soi deve’ that whatever you ask from God, he will continue to give you. God will showes blessings on you. Ask Waheguru, Thakur, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Ram and He will fulfill your wishes. But you would know what to ask and how. It is written in the Christian scriptures that God only gives, He never takes back.

The same is also written in Islam, Allah is the giver of blessing. He gives so many blessings that it would be difficult to collect all the blessings, but still the blessings do not stop showering. Meaning the same thing is written everywhere and they are true. Truth is universal. Truth existed earlier, exists now and will exist for all times to come. The thinking of a man can change. But whatever wisdom was given to the world by our saints and sages have withstood the vagaries of times.

They were true earlier and will remain true for all times in future. Even if the world turns upside down, the truth written by the ancient sages will always remain the same Religions advise us not to cheat people, or indulge in corruption. Every religion also says don’t drink. The Hindu scriptures including Vedas, Vishnu Purana and Shiv Purana say that all the intoxicants that came out of `Samudra manthan’ (Churning of the Ocean) were consumed by the demons. People of the Hindu religion-don’t drink wine, don’t take intoxicants or else your house will become hell.

Your nature will become similar to that of the demons. It is written in the Sikh scriptures, ‘Post Bhang Afim Mad Nasha utar jaye prabhat, Naam khumari Nanka, chadi rahe din-raat’. Meaning of this is that the effects of all the intoxicants go away in the morning, so do not consumer liquor or intoxicants. It is written in Islam-Shar+Aab. `Shar’ means evil and `Aab’ water. This means that all those who follow Allah, liquor is the water of the Devil. Do not drink or eat intoxicants or else all the devotion will be reduced to nil.

It is written in Christianity, that do not take any such intoxicant which takes you away from God. Instead, take intoxicant of God’s prayer which brings you closer to God. All the religions are saying that do not take any intoxicant. But don’t feel bad, because truth is always bitter, they say. It is not easy to digest bitter truth, people say.

Look at things in this way and then you will understand. There are people of different castes, communities and religions (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs) residing in the city or village from where you come, but you still see that there are liquor vends operating in these areas. Religion says do not take intoxicants, but why are there such long lines in front of the liquor vends, in the towns, cities, villages, on highways and everywhere? It is written in the religious texts, the intoxication of God’s word is such in front of which honey, ghee, milk, sugar, molasses are sweet, but of no use at all.

There are many intoxicants in this world like liquor, opium, post, bhang etc. These are highly intoxicating, but `Ram Naam’ is so sweet and all other intoxicants are useless in front of it. This is written in all the religions, It is written in Islam scriptures that if there are drums filled with liquor and on the other side there is a single second of God’s true devotion then that single second is millions and billions of times more intoxicating than the artificial liquor. You have already read or heard about the Sikh texts that if you drink the liquor of God’s word once then the intoxication will stay with you not just in this world, but in the other worlds as well and will never go away.

The intoxication of `Ram Naam’ will be such that you will be filled with immense joy and happiness. Unfortunately today’s youth look down upon the Indian culture.
In this connection, the films also came up for discussion. For the promotion of the film, I went to ,any places. Many journalists questioned Me. One little girl asked Me, “You say we should not wear short clothes, why is this so? I told her, our religion says daughters are like mothers. She said this is not the matter. We always think ahead we are very frank. I said son, I have made a mistake. I changed the tribals and made them wear clothes just like that. They used to stay naked. They were `Super frank’. She asked, Guru Ji then You tell me what is meant by frank. I told her,” According to Me if you get good education and raise the name of your religion, country and parents in the world so much that people from different countries start respecting us and come here to learn lessons.

According to Me that is frank in the world. As far as the question as to why daughters are considered `Mai’ in the Vedas or why have they been given the status of mother. The saints and sages used to call even small girls as `Mai’. Why was this so? There are daughters in many families who become mothers of their father and mother.

They start giving directions –Papa you should not eat this item or that item or do not wear such clothes or you should dress properly in such a manner. Later the daughters grow up and get married. If there is love between the husband and the wife, the same woman then starts taking care of husband and treat him as if he is the mother of her husband. They will take care of the husbands. They will direct you to wear woolen clothes in winter to protect yourself from the cold weather. They will direct the husbands to do this or that, eat this or that food and take care of the family.

So have the Vedas said anything wrong if the girl child has been compared to the mother? People should therefore understand that we have a great culture and religion and we all must respect them. I will not take name of the country.

I have gone abroad many times and often saw dog or a cat in their lap and they were patting them like their own children. Some people requested Me not to say anything to those people. I asked why not? They said these animals are their sons and daughters. I said, really? How frank these people are. Once I was sitting at a railway station. A dog suddenly barked. The owner of the dog told the dog in English, but I will tell it to you in Hindi. A foreigner was telling the dog. No…No…No, this should not be done.

Maybe it is because of these reasons that they do not marry often. Even the few marriages that do take place, don’t last for long. The rest of them end up in divorce. They have no respect for the institution of marriage. The children who are being born out of such wedlock that do not last long are not aware who their father or mother is.

Don’t feel bad. But if you want to become frank, is it such kind of frankness that you want to adopt? Let Me tell you another incident which I witnessed. They were people from various countries sitting at a place and discussing that our religion is ancient.

They asked what is unique about it. I told them I can let you know qualities from `A to Z ‘what qualities our religion has. But for people like you, just A is enough. When we were child, during winter we used to pass off urine on the bed only. Our mother will pick us up and make us sleep at some dry place. The mother will then sleep on the wet bed herself the whole night. Then the time changed and the mother grew older.

It was our duty to take care of her now. She could not get up from bed. She could not walk properly. We take care of her. We support our mother.
We take her outside. We also take care of the children. Make the children eat food. That’s how we live life by helping each other. They take care of us when we are young and later as they grow old we take care of them. This is how we repay the interest to them for all they have done for us throughout their life.

I asked them if this happens in their country as well. They said Guru Ji nothing like this ever happens in our country. ….I do not call any country good or bad. There are good and bad people in every country. Here I am giving a message to the youth of our country that you should have no doubt about the culture and traditions of this great country.

Do not doubt the integrity of this country. Why do you think that our country has double standards. It is not true. Our country’s value system is of top class. I can give you guarantee that it is very difficult to find a parallel culture in any part of the world. But look at how you treat your own relatives when they grow old and become physically weak.

You are the people who leave your near and dear ones in the Old Age Homes. Then you also tell them, you are a fit case for Old Age Home and must be there . You also make excuses that they will be better off in the company of other older people living in the Old Age Home. You will be able to talk to them, discuss things of your interest.

You do not know how loveable their grandparents may be. You do not know how much they love their grandparents. Many people advised Me also to open an Old Age Home.
I said I will definitely make one but will write on it `Orphan Old Age Home.

’ It will be for those people whose children have died and they have no one to depend upon. When they read ` Orphan Old Age Home’ they will understand the real meaning of the Old Age Home. They will also realise that they are still alive so why should their parents be living in the Old Age Home. Religions and sects never teach wrong things to the followers, but people leave their culture and civilization and start behaving in a wrong manner.
It is indeed written that you should love all animals and insects and living beings and protect them like your own children. But nowhere it is written that you should not produce your own children and make those animals your own children. …So such teaching was taught by Our

Spiritual Guide Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj.

We bow Our heads millions and billions of times in respect to such great Spiritual Guide. And blessings to all of you! Blessings to all!


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