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Difficulties Faced By a Middle Class Family

 Introduction– Before understanding the middle-class family, we should try to know what exactly is a middle-class family. A middle-class family is a social group that has people with good jobs who are neither rich nor poor. It’s very hard for them to afford things that go out of their monthly budget.

With such an insufficient salary, it gets  almost impossible for them to cover their children’s education, bills to be paid, other essentials for the house, etc. Plus, they have to keep on saving from an insufficient salary. Life gets very hard for them because they are stuck between poor and rich communities.

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Let’s discuss in detail the problems faced by a MIDDLE-CLASS family in daily life:

 Monetary Problem

Everything is touching the sky these days, how’s the family going to afford

such expenses when they hardly earn to pay their electricity bills and taxes, petrol expenses, house rent, groceries and so many endless essentials which need investment? And of course, the image they need to maintain in society is another expense for them, which is unnecessary but as we said earlier, they are stuck between poor and rich, and who wouldn’t like to pretend that they are rich instead of looking poor? And after so many back-to-back payments, there’s just no money, no money to save, no money to buy anything extra.

Quality Education

Quality education for their kids is what every parent thinks of. But maybe a middle-class family cannot even afford to think about it. In terms of their kids going abroad for studies is as difficult as paying off their loans and debts. Rich parents can easily afford the expenses and additional expenses of esteemed colleges and renowned universities.

Whereas, middle-class parents have to send their kids to government colleges, and tuition classes if they are cheap. Sometimes even with an excellent academic record, colleges are out of reach without a scholarship due to financial crisis. In severe cases, parents even sell off their assets for the education of their kids, so now a middle-class man finds himself in knee-deep debts, mortgages, and loans.

 Health-related Medical Problems

Most middle-class families don’t have health insurance. What if someday they face an unfortunate accident? or if someone already has a medical condition that costs them beyond their means? Only because of having a small hand in the budget they would choose not to go to a good hospital and would rather go to an average hospital which might not help in some severe cases.

And not being in the best hands can result in some extremely dangerous situations. Because not every doctor is kind, not every clinic would not charge them a fee just for a regular check-up for their elderly members, which is very important. No one can afford to leave their child in some average doctor’s hands when their kid gets sick. This is what a middle-class man faces every day.

 Catching Up With the Technology

The world we are living in right now is all about the internet, smartphones, and what not. The pressure of coping with a digital world is another issue faced by a middle-class family. People with jobs, children in school and colleges even old aged people also cannot pass a day without their phones, not just phones, the latest models of phones with the best internet speed. Laptops, iPad, and computers are a major need of students for e-learning. Parents who manage to provide their kids with a good education in good schools face difficulties with electronic devices.


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