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 Let the Kids Be Memory Master

Though the kids have memory sharper than elders, some kids can remember a lot of things, but they are not so in studies. Some kids can learn the subject of their interest faster, and it is difficult for them to chew the subjects that they are not interested in.

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Let us have a look at a few tips that can help you remember your studies better:

  • Continue with studies throughout the year. Mugging up right before the examination is not going to help.
  • Some kids are fond of playing music in parallel to their studies. Prefer instrumental music to songs. Music should be such that it doesn’t intervene into studies.
  • Fix one place for studies. Studying at one place regularly, helps mind getting focused easily to studies.
  • Involve yourself to the subject that you wish to study. Make questions out of that and even try giving answers to the same. Then only you will develop involvement with that subject. Whatever you read, prepare main points and notes of that and write the summary of the same.
  • Visualize the topic that you are reading. Try gelling yourself with that and if you make a picture of the same in the mind then you will learn it better and will never forget it. You can also relate it to any friend.
  • Read full chapter. While rereading, underline main points so that you can focus fully on them when revising .
  • See important questions after rereading the chapter and revise their answers and read it out boldly to yourself if you feel so.
  • Keep your mind focused while making notes in the class so that you can take a note of important points. Don’t note everything; this will affect your focus, if something is left out. Listen carefully so that you can understand it properly. Only taking a note of it will not help as you may not get it at home.
  • Whatever you are learning, repeat it for the first time, after one day and then after a week’s time.
  • If your friend is not clear with the topic, teach him so that you can get revision of the same
  • After study of 50 minutes, take a break of 10 minutes, to avoid boredom.
  • Keep changing your study routines. A typical pattern can make study uninteresting and you may tend to divert.
  • Should you be following these useful things then you will not find studies boring, rather you will develop more interest in studies and will get good result.

Revered Saint Dr MSG in His famous booklet presented as a valuable gift to humanity Your Health Our Concern has suggested some of

the following valuable tips for increasing the memory power:

  • If there are farms and barns around you, then look long and far away. And look at nature and do recitation of the God`s Words for five minutes. In the same way, if you live in the city, then during the night, constantly look at the moon and stars in the sky and meditate with your eyes fixed, do the recitation of the God`s Words  for five minutes.
    By doing this, the memory power will increase and you will start focusing in studies and you will progress definitely. Waking up early in the morning, reading leads to quick memory and fits in your mind early.
  • If someone remembers very little, then for him, take almond-pak (An Ayurvedic Formula)  with milk regularly in the morning and evening and do repetition of the God`s Words together.
  • Consuming Brahmi also improves memory.


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