Love Charger takes Youtube by storm

Love Charger takes Youtube by storm

Highway love charger is an exquisite cascade of divine colours that drenches all those who listen to it with open heart.

This album is becoming very popular among the music lovers and is expected to reach new heights of success.

It has just apparently sold almost 

thirty lakh copies in three days –

a new world record! Each track of this album is outpouring of love which is intoxicating as well as liberating.

The crest jewel of this album is the track ‘Love Charger‘ which is a heartfelt expression of the infinite unconditional grace of the master which always charges the soul spiritually.

Every musical rendition is beautifully woven in a single thread which is completely enthralling.

This album is seeped in unbounded joy, taking the listener to the realm, where there are no boundaries and no limits and fills every heart with the fragrance of Divine love.

It has garnered around 4.5 lakh views on YouTube since it was uploaded on April 28, 2014 which is continuously increasing.

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