Make Good Habits in Each 21 Days

It is difficult, rather impossible to go back in the past. But it is possible to walk with present and march towards the future to make it better. Make Good Habits in Each 21 Days

Wisdom lies in it only. So let us march ahead to a better future, by adopting only one rule. Imagine today is the start of the year, the month or the week or the day.

To make yourself better and to learn a new thing,

take an oath today itself. Review the past few days, what you have learnt? Have you tried to retain it with you? Many of the persons would have positive answers but most of them are confused and strict in reviewing only and do not march ahead. Today you have got one opportunity let us encash it. We suggest you one tip with which you can easily do this job and can get everything and that also without taking so many promises.

21 Day Rule

It is Chinese belief that if a person does the same work continuously for 21 days, it becomes the habit. Means if you decide that I have to do exercises or pranayam. If you do it for continuous 21 days, it becomes your habit.

It will be included in your daily routine. You will automatically get up in the morning and you will remember that you have to do exercise. So you have to make the target to do it continuously for 21 days. Now one good habit you have

Add New Rule in the Old One

Now you have to add another thing in this rule. This is that what habit you have made in the last 21 days, choose another one new habit for the coming days according to the wish. Means you are doing exercise. Now you can add dancing in it also. Dancing itself is an exercise and a medium for worship.

Why mad after aerobics. Our classical dances are rich enough for body movements and give peace to the mind also. Do dance after the exercise for 21 days continuously and you have made two new good habits. Like this go on making the chain of new good habits and practice each habit for 21 days.

You yourself think that if you can do it for 21 days who not forever. You have to check yourself and sometimes try to gather some good habits from others. You are not able to concentrate on the studies of the kids with false excuses of time shortage. Make a habit of checking the daily diary of the kid, his school copies. It will hardly take five minutes to go through it. Five minutes for guiding him. You start doing your kitchen work and guide him from the kitchen. Do it for 21 days.

You will see that LEAVE TENSION.

Only Continuity Matters

Generally we make promises with ourselves, start also but nature also takes tests. One day your geyser will be out of order. You have to send the kids to school, preparing the breakfast. You will think that today leave it. No you finish your urgent work of sending the kids. Sit a little late but do the exercise.

Does not matter give half time. But keep the continuity. Other day the auto person can say that I am not coming today. You leave the kid yourself. Instead of anxiety, be calm for a few seconds. Find a way, manage it but make the continuity. Only continuity will work. If you leave in between you will not take it seriously and can knit excuses.

After all we are a human being. Our conscious can deceive us and motivate not to be serious. But for our own betterment, we have to be strict. After all good habits are precious things and one has to pay some cost for it.

In the End Your Bag Will Be Full

Making promise of 21 days has many benefits. For example you will be able to learn new things. Doing that will enable us to enlarge our circle. During this 21 days span, we will be able to do some works of our liking. Practical knowledge of these things will automatically enable us to become master.

Second thing that researches show is, persons having the tendency to do new works are always creative. Their brain is always in action and they have comparatively less mental problems. More to it we must see that if you make the continuity only, in a year you can easily concentrate on new 17 habits. Leave it, we say that in a month, you adopt a new habit and work on it you have experience of new 12 habits.

Some of these must have been included in your daily life. Now think what you cannot do? You can do all you think. Why getting late. Get up and start a step towards it.

Know Your Qualities

Your colleagues, managers, subordinates, friends, relatives and also your life partners know about you and your qualities. Rather they are crystal clear glasses showing the reality of your personality. They admire your, praise you only for the sake of motivation to you. Do not under estimate them. You recognize your inner qualities. Start working on them.

Support of Your Inner-side

It may be possible that you must be doing something special and you must not be aware of it. It can be cooking or influencing people through your personality or talking manners. These habits may be polished and first of all you recognize yourself. Ask yourself that when I am considered to be most successful, happy or enthusiastic, what things I am doing.

List out that things and try to work at them one by one and you will see that when these have become your habit, how confident you will feel Mind that good habits are meant for adopting and bad habits should be thrown off as soon as possible rather we should say immediately.


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