MSG Rakes up a Storm

MSG Rakes up a Storm Films generate interest for a variety of reasons. Some faces are very well known, some performers are exceptional, apart from a sizable number who watch films for all the wrong reasons.

There are scenes practically in every film, that do not agree with India’s tradition of morality. And modern day fare has been a huge catalyst in social degeneration.

MSG – The Messenger,

is a film one can watch without becoming squeamish or upset about seeing it with one’s children. It is a film that is going to affect everyone alike, help everyone become better human beings.It answers the questions that skeptics raise.

People seem to imagine that Guruji’s mass following is some form of mass hysteria. It is not. Those who practice the meditation are qualified to experience its effects, and once they have, one of the outcomes is increased self confidence.

Self confidence is the key to success. But how does one gain it? The True masters or perfect Saints have always excelled in every human endeavour, because God’s meditation unlocks the secret power within. To drive the message home, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has performed all the stunts himself in the upcoming film, MSG-The Messenger.

Some experiences from the film sets:

The set has fires blazing on all sides. Guruji refuses the body double and dashes down through the blaze. His clothes are too hot to touch, his hair singed. But Guruji simply smiles and shrugs, if the stuntman can do it, why can’t he!

On another day Guruji is running a high fever of 104 degrees, but his face didn’t show it. And two trucks move parallel to each other at the same speed, about 3-4 feet apart. Guruji climbs one and leaps to the other, with his arms resting on one and his feet on the other. A momentary lack of co-ordination could lead to disaster.

Guruji proceeds to perform pushups in this setting, legs resting on one truck and the torso on the other.The crowd watches with bated breaths. Finally, the shot is Okayed as Guruji manages effortlessly.

Whether it is climbing a moving truck on a car that Guruji is driving, or daredevil stunts on the motorcycle, Guruji’s purpose is to tell the youth that, with spirituality awakened, impossible is nothing!
From the concept of the story, and the story to the shoot, this entire project was completed in merely 67 days. The equivalent period for any other film of this scale would be a minimum of 2 years.

Bollywood director, Jeetu Arora Insan was shocked when he saw sets coming up overnight……..

more beautiful and resplendent than most that he had seen in Bollywood. The supervising producer Ravi Verma, felt transported to another world.

Both of them said that in Bombay they would not even imagine such speed of execution with such a high quality, but here, it was an everyday miracle. And Guruji’s music had the visiting choreographers and crews dancing and Guruji rendered all his shots in a single take.

You don’t believe all this… Good! Watch MSG-The messenger.

You will certainly change your mind!


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