Be Safe while Traveling

Be Safe while Traveling Be it overseas or home;

make the use of same logic while traveling. Be especially cautious in places where you may tend to get victimized easily.

These are inclusive of crowded subways, elevators, train stations, tourist spots, neighborhoods that are festivals and crime-ridden and market places.

  • Leave home little early so that you avoid rushing while catching a bus or a train.
  • If you are traveling by an auto or a taxi, make sure that the driver maintains the speed limit. Never ever get off or board a vehicle in motion. If you face any kind of trouble getting on the train or bus, seek a little help but avoid being overfriendly with the helper.
  • Wear cozy shoes and apparels ideal to the weather. In summers, go for cotton clothing that are airy and light to help you stay cool. Carry an additional jacket or shawl to help you keep warm when the temperature falls. To stay dry, carry a raincoat or umbrella in monsoon.
  • Avoid taking, narrow alleys, short cuts or streets that are lit poorly.
  • If traveling at night, make sure you have some company.
  • Avoid any type of civil disturbances like public demonstrations and rest.
  • Stay reserved and avoid high pitch arguments or conversations.
  • Avoid entertaining strangers by discussing your personal matters or travel plans with them.
  • Keep away from strangers offering you a guide service or sell items at a bargain price being over-friendly; as they can be the true scam artists.
  • Be cautious of pickpockets. They usually have an insider who will make you fall for their tricks of trap by inquiring of time or asking directions; or even by distracting you or spilling something on your clothes.
  • Beware of wayward groups of children creating distractions with an intention of picking your pocket.
  • In order to be safe from the drive-by purse-snatchers, put on your bag’s shoulder strap across your chest. Wear a helmet always when you are on a two-wheeler and if traveling by car, make sure the seat belts are on.
  • Even if you are lost on the way, try to seem guided and purposeful. Ask help or directions only from authoritative individuals.
  • Learn how to use a pay telephone and make sure you have sufficient and exact change required at hand.
  • Learn some native language phrases that could help you in seeking help from people while needing medical or police help.
  • Save emergency telephone numbers like fire, police, and close by hotels etc. in your phone or diary and keep it with you always.
  • Even If you confront such situations, after taking all these precautions, rely on your confidence.

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