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Experiences of the Devotees: Blessing of Revered Supreme Father Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj

“Son! Don`t Lose Heart.”

Mother Gurjit Kaur Insan wife of Sachkhand Vasi Sardar Balbir Singh, from village Bilaspur district Moga ( Punjab),presently residing at village Shahpur Begu, district Sirsa hereby describes great blessingof Revered Supreme Father Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj:

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I got married in 1965-66. My husband was an alcoholic, a gambler and a drug addict. After a year of marriage, a son was born in my house, who passed away at the age of two. My maternal uncle was a good devotee. Often everything he said was true. He told me that you have three sons and one daughter in your deeds. It happened exactly the way my maternal uncle had said. I had four children, three sons, one daughter. All four children passed way. I was so sad that I cannot describe in words. On one hand, I was sad about not surviving my children, while on the other hand, because of my husband’s intoxicants. My life had become worse than the hell. I always kept praying in front of God to take me away from this world.

It was only 15 days since my fourth child died that on March 09, 1975, the spiritual congregation of Revered Supreme Father Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj was fixed in my village, Bilaspur district, Moga. At that time I was sick and left even eating and drinking. My condition had become so critical that I used to walk with the support of the wall.

Such was the mercy of the Spiritual Master that I asked my husband to get initiated into the God`s Words. At this, he started scolding me. At that time I neither knew about Dera Sacha Sauda nor knew anything about the Revered Supreme Father. But I was feeling a bit magnetic attraction inside. My heart was wishing that I should go and have vision,& see what kind of fakir the Revered Supreme Father is. I asked my sister-in-law to go to listen to the spiritual congregation? So, my sister-in-law told me that till the bathroom you go by holding the walls, how will you go so far after crossing the whole village? Suddenly it came out of my mouth that the so called Spiritual Guide will take me. The Spiritual Guide had such mercy that I started feeling as if I don’t need any support, both of us went to the spiritual congregation. With the grace of the Spiritual Masterwe were initiated into the God`s  Words after listening to the spiritual congregation.

By chanting the God`s Words, I got so much strength that I started getting better. After a few days, the Revered Supreme Father Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj appeared to me in my dream. The revered Supreme Father was sitting on a chair under a Peepal tree in Shah Mastana Ji Dham. I was sitting at the holy feet of the Revered Supreme Father. The Revered Supreme Father stated, ‘ Dear Daughter! As per your destiny, you had only four children who had left the world. There is no more children written in luck. My throat filled with love and I started crying. The Benevolent Spiritual Guide took pity on me and  stated ‘Son, don’t lose heart. We will definitely bless you with a son somehow.’ At that point my eyes opened. I got so much happiness by virtue of the vision of the Revered Spiritual Master, which cannot be described in writing.

Exactly nine months and ten days after the above incident, a son was born in my house. On February 03, 1976, when the Revered Supreme Father again visited Bilaspur, my son was about one and a half months old at that time.  As a spiritual follower, I had  good terms  with a  devotee girl from Bilaspur village. Her house was well open, but mine was a raw room.  I discussed with that girl that I will request to the Revered Supreme Fatherto visit our ( That girl`s house) house. After making all the preparations at that girl’s house, we went to attend the spiritual congregation. But even before the end of the spiritual congregation, we came and stood in front of the door of that girl’s house, because the Revered Supreme Father had to go through that way.

When the Revered Supreme Father came in front of the door, I was carrying my son in one arm and spread the other arm on the way. That girl also stood in the way by spreading both her arms. The Revered Supreme Father said to the devotee volunteers on duty, ‘Brothers!  What to do with these devotees.’ The Revered Supreme Father said again, ‘Brother, there is no rule in the path of God`s love.’ Hearing our heartfelt call, the Revered Supreme Father granted His consent to visit the house. The Revered Supreme Father came inside the house.

The spiritual followers who were coming that way also came in.The Revered Supreme Father enthroned on the chair, the spiritual followers sat in front. I went from one side to the other and sat in front of the place meant for the female spiritual followers. The Revered Supreme Father blessed all the spiritual followers and turned to me and said, ‘Son! Do you want to get your son christened?’ I said, yes, the Revered Supreme Father. The Revered Supreme Father asked me what was the name of the son before? I said,The Revered Supreme Father, You have come now, only You have to christenhim.

The Revered Supreme Father again asked,Son! By what name do you call him? I said, The Revered Supreme Father!Sometimes by some name and other time by some other name. The Revered Supreme Father, the chowkidar  got angry with us that why don’t you get your son`s name written. He started saying that I should not send the boy’s name up.

I replied him, I don not want to send him up. RatherI want to send him to my  Beloved Revered Supreme Father. The Revered Supreme Father said, ‘This is called spiritual love for the Spiritual Master.’ The Revered Supreme Father further stated, ‘Son!  Do you have a family member by the name of Gulzar.’ So, I replied,The Revered Supreme Father, there is such a person in the community but there is no such person in my house. Then said, ‘Son! Lau Gulzaran ( Will bring prosperity & bounties).’ Christening my son Gulzar, the Revered Supreme Father gave the blessed eatable to us.

I want to tell the spiritual followers that our Spiritual Master is perfect. Have firm  faith. Whatever you want, ask from your Spiritual Master. According to the holy statement of the Revered Supreme Father, this son has brought prosperity& bounties. There is no dearth of anything, sons, grandsons. In the form of my Revered Supreme Father, Revered Present Spiritual  Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, this is a request at His holy feet to bless us with the strength to keep rendering humanitarian service and reciting the God`s Words. May we remain faithful to & associated with  the Revered Spiritual Master Dr. MSG!


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