What If You are ALONE

What If You are Alone Generally due to over business, the contact with relatives and friends decreases and gradually it is finished. Then a time comes when a person feels the loneliness. It is very difficult to pass the time when living away from family. Sometime we feel along while in the crowd. This starts having pressure on your heart and mind and you do not feel good.

Tips to tackle the situation:

  • According to the psychologists sometimes people to not like themselves. Due to this they do not take care for their health, dress up and communication skills and hence other people also do not give much importance to them. This situation makes them alone. Hence it is necessary to give attention to yourself, recognize your talent and become centre of attraction. People will give importance to you and you will not feel alone.
  • In the circumstances of building the career, meetings with the college friends gets less. So it is better to make friends in the office itself.
  • The people who give importance to you, the company of the friends you enjoy, sometimes go on outing with them.
  • Can organize a get together on a holiday in one or the others’ residence.
  • If the colleagues do not support you, do not get panic, be your own friend. Instead of making complaints, it is better to do a creative work of your choice.
  • According to the psychologists, greenery is a sign of life. You become fresh while doing gardening. In the absence of space, you can plant flowers and plants in plastic flower pots.
  • Great people say that no one can be a better friend than books. So buy books of your choice. When you feel lonely, you recreate yourself by studying these books.
  • If you have the hobby of knitting and you cannot do this due to over business, spare time for this hobby. Due to this, hand exercise is also done. More to that it is a very good thread therapy. This increases your concentration, reduce the tension and builds your self confidence.
  • Who does not like to dance on the music? But may be you feel hesitation in dancing in the closed room. Leave aside all the hesitation and dance with full MASTI, mind it that loneliness will vanish for ever.
  • If you like cooking, try new recipes. When your full energy is centered on this you will not feel lonely. -BHASHNA BAANSAL

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