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Do Gazette Free Travel


The allure of gazettes is not less that  of an addiction. Gazette activates the dopamine in the brain that gives the feeling of pleasure and it feels great. The person wants to achieve that gazettes somehow as if the life without that gazette were useless

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Dependence on Gazettes:

You cannot eat, sleep or talk without smartphones, IPAD and laptop. Be it emailing, texting, downloading or gaming, this has entrapped us badly. Studies reveal that dependence on them is the worst of all.

Bad Effects on health:

This produces bad effects on your health.  Laziness, brain overload, sleep disorder, square eyes because of consistent looking at the screen are the harmful results apart from social cut off, which is known as social isolation, are the disease one has to bear with. Best way to get out of its trap is ‘gazette free holiday’


Myara is at a top position in a corporate office. She was fed up with gazetteterror and started thinking of leaving the job. Her friend suggested a trip to a hill station, so that the break of a few days will make her feel better.  Her trip to Lens-down rejuvenated her. She left her mobile, laptop and IPAD at home and she felt that she got faced with life. She took alongwith her ten year old son Shain.

Shain was depressed for sometime without gazettes but later doing tracking, boating, seeing the beautiful sights of sun rise and sunset and seeing the straight hills, and spending night seeing the stars from some hill in an open area, he found that life in reality is  better than the lifeless gazettes.  Here he was not in need of carrying all the scenes in the camera. But he had saved everything in his mind for forever and it was not going to get deleted from there anyways.

Psychologist Malini Krishnan

Psychologist Malini Krishnan saysthat our trouble of dealing with emptiness is the problem. When we don’t have anything to be done, we pick up phone. This is like being an auto pilot. We cannot wait to remain blank at brains even for a second. We have zero tolerance as far as boredom and blankness is concerned. And hence there appears such kind of condition. This increases stress in the persons. And therefore the time has come to give your mind a break and switch it off and enjoy the vacations to its fullest.

Digital detox holidays

Digital detox holidays are a new concept. There are hotels that give this kind of facility. In Washington DC& Quincy is being given ‘Be unplugged’ package.In UK, in life time country spa resort, ‘blackberry crash’ and other de-tech packages and digital detox holiday resorts, they take electronic devises from their guests at check in, and even the services of a life coach are given to them if they need guidance on how to spend time effectively.


One new terminology is in trend, brainacation. This is a kind of vacation to the brain to offload it from the burden of work. Overwork is harmful for any part of the body. Ultimately brain is also one of the parts. That also needs rest


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