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Love your Pets but maintain precautions for your own Good.

Every man has some special passion like collects stamps. Some are interested in collecting various types of coins. There are many other hobbies too. But if there is any popular passion in all of these,

then it is to raise a variety of animals:

a dog, cat, or a variety of birds or the colorful fishes in the aquarium.

Often people have seen a lot of interest in raising a dog and a cat because the dog not only comes in the work of caring for your home but is also the most faithful and sensible animal of all other animals. You care for any animal, but to care for it as much as it is necessary for it more than necessary for you and your family too.

Because animals can spread different kinds of diseases and it is very important to keep in mind the cleaning of dirt spreading from them. If you have kept animals at home then keep them in a fixed place so that they cannot spread dirt or germs in the entire house.

Following precautions are to be taken while keeping a pet at home.

  • Keep all the items separate from your pets like things like food items, pudding, laying clothes etc.
  • Clean the place where your animals live, and clean it every four times a week. Mop up the floor regularly with liquid disinfectants or phenyl.
  • Whether it is a dog or a cat, let their hair fall. Do not allow their hair to scatter around the house. Hair can be swallowed by your food and drink.
  • Due to this, you can get into serious illness. Some people are extremely allergic to animals’ hair, So, as much as possible, keep the house clean.
  • Animals should be bathed from time to time.
  • If you leave your dog open, then it can spread dirt in your couch, table, bed, mattress, galley and kitchen. Therefore, as long as possible, keep it tied. On leaving it roam free in the house, it can put mouth in food items.
  • When they raise a dog, many people allow the pet to roam free in the house for 24 hours. They keep the dog in their lap and take it in the bed while going to sleep. You should love animals, but not so much that your habit will cause any major trouble for you.
  • Make a time for animal urinate so that they do not spread dirt inside the house. Make a habit to take the dog out at certain times. Anyway, this habit is made in dogs itself. If for some reason you do not have time, open them, they will go on their own.
  • Just as a person suddenly gets sick with diseases, animals can also be in the grip of diseases. So do not try to become its doctor if the animal becomes sick. In such a case, take the animals to the veterinarian immediately.

You keep any animal, but keep an eye on its cleanliness. This is inherent security of you and your family. – Seema Rani

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