The Habit of Waking Up Late Can Reduce Age

The Habit of Waking Up Late Can Reduce Age

Waking up on time and sleeping on time, both are necessary to stay healthy. By the way, nowadays people have made it a habit to stay awake till midnight. Waking up till midnight due to watching mobile phone or TV and then not being able to sleep causes problems like restlessness, tension, and unnecessary stress.

This can prove to be dangerous for the future. If you sleep late, it is obvious that you will wake up late, because it is necessary for everyone to get 6-8 hours of sleep. It is said to sleep on time at night, so that your health does not deteriorate due to poor sleep pattern. Due to late sleep, everyday tasks also get affected. The results of a research done on those who stay awake till late night are very shocking. The danger of early death is hovering over such people.

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It has been claimed in many researches that waking up at night is like inviting many diseases. It has been claimed in the study that those people who have the habit of waking up at night, there is a risk of death at an early age. The experts have also discovered several reasons due to which the precious years of the life of the people who wake up in the night can be reduced. According to the researchers, people who wake up at night are more attracted towards drugs like smoking, alcohol which proves to be more fatal for the body.

According to an article published in ‘Chronobiology International: The Journal of Biological and Medical Rhythm Research’, after looking at the data of almost 23,000 twins, researchers have said that people who wake up at night are 09 percent more likely to die than those who wake up early in the morning. All these twins had participated in the Finnish Twin Cohort Study from 1981 to 2018. Of this, 8,728 people died. There is also a relief in the analysis of this data that the people who wake up in the night but don’t consume drugs, the risk of dying such people early in this way is very low.

The risk of death in a person who wakes up at night increases mainly only when he consumes large amounts of tobacco and alcohol. – Christer Hublin, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland.

Problems Caused by Waking Up Late at Night:

Adverse Effects on Eyes:

Nowadays mobile phone has become the companion of most of the youth. People who wake up late at night often have the habit of using mobiles. They keep watching the mobile till their eyes get tired. The light of the mobile phone works to absorb the moisture of the eyes. It can have a bad effect on eyes. Cases of weak vision are generally coming to the fore in young age itself.

Increasing Stress and Anxiety:

Problems like stress and anxiety can be seen common in people who stay up late at night, because everything comes to mind at night, which becomes the cause of anxiety and tension. This is why, you should avoid staying awake till late at night.

Disturbance in Digestion:

This problem is also seen in people who stay awake till midnight. If you want the food you eat to be digested quickly, make a habit of sleeping on time at night.

Obesity Problem:

People who stay awake till late night often feel hungry at night. To satisfy their hunger, they eat different things. If you also do this, it is time to be careful now. This can increase your weight rapidly.

Dark Circles:

Dark circles also appear under the eyes of people who wake up at night. Because of which the face starts to look bad. To avoid this, sleep on time and have a good sleep.

People Staying up Late at Night are also at Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes:

At the same time, it has also been revealed in a research that the risk of heart disease and diabetes increases manifold in people who stay awake till late at night. Waking up late at night has a negative effect on the health of our body and this further entails many diseases.

A research has also revealed that people who stay awake for longer hours at night have an increased risk of diabetes and heart diseases because fat starts accumulating in them in excess. Due to lack of sleep, many times we also get diseases like gastrointestinal, after which the risk of cold and flu also increases. Waking up late at night is also one of the reasons for increasing weight or obesity.

The researchers found in the study that people who get up early depend on fat for more energy and consume high amounts of fat-rich foods, but they remain active throughout the day which consumes energy, but those who stay up late at night and get up late, they do not consume that much energy during the day and fat starts accumulating in the body. In such a situation, the risk of Type-2 Diabetes and heart disease increases greatly.


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