Spiritual congregation on the pious day

Spiritual congregation on the pious day

Sirsa: A massive spiritual congregation was organised on the occasion of the Birthday celebrations of His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan, on Friday 15 August.

The congregation witnessed Dera devotees from across the states in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh and from across the world converge at the Shah Satnam ji Dham Sirsa.

The congregation not only witnessed Revered Guruji highlight the importance of the spirituality, but also saw him teach true meditation, for free as is the norms. This includes a compulsory vow to stay away from social evils.

Holy incarnation day’s event even saw Revered Guruji touch upon the importance of Satsang or maintaining good and spiritual company.

He even discussed how Satsang can be beneficial for the mind and soul of a person. Breaking down the word into two, His Holiness explained that Satsang is derived from ‘Sat’ and ‘Sang’ that is ‘True Company’.

Calling today’s world as the age of extreme evil, Revered Guruji maintained that in today’s world no one can be trusted as everyone is bound by his or her vested interest.

In such state of affairs, it is but important for every person to cleanse his soul as taught by the True Master. He said that if your intent is flawed and impure, no matter how much you pray, you would never be able to find God.

The event also witnessed 17 men ‘Christened’ or Devout warriors (Devout Warriors are volunteers who pledged to marry women rescued from forced prostitution.

In case such women are not forthcoming, then they wed widow/divorcees or destitutes) enter into holy matrimonial alliances with destitute girls. Two marriages were also performed in the tradition of ‘Crown of the Lineage’.

The first one was between Chitra Insan and Devout Gallant Ramesh Insan of Hisar district, while the second marriage was performed between Mamta Insan of Hanumangarh in Rajasthan and Devout Gallant Raghubir Insan of Fazilka district in Punjab.

In ‘Crown of the Lineage’ weddings, the bride comes to the groom’s place with the wedding party and takes the groom to her house.

His Holiness, out of his earnings obtained from farming in his native village of Shri Gurusar Modia, blessed each couple with a cheque of Rs 25,000.

These apart, in accordance with the Dera’s Ashiana (Accomodation) Programme, Revered Guruji presented the keys of the houses built by Dera devotees to two underprivileged families in Sirsa.
Later, ‘Prasad’ was distributed at the congregation.

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